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Adelaide completed her engineering degree at the University of Bologna. This was followed by a PhD at Imperial College London, where she was first introduced to computational methods applied to fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. She thereafter joined the Computational Laboratory at the University of Oxford, where she worked on a project funded by the European Commission (“EuHeart: Patient-specific Cardiovascular Modelling and Simulation for In Silico Disease Understanding & Management and for Medical Device Evaluation & Optimization”). Adelaide currently holds a position as lecturer in cardiovascular computational modelling in the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences at King’s College.

Her current research interests include catheter ablation of atrial arrhythmias (simulation of lesion formation and atrial haemodynamics), complex congenital heart diseases (ventricular fluid-structure interaction and 4D flow MRI analysis), and blood flow modelling in cardiac valve replacement to inform a better patient and device selection. Adelaide has developed patient-specific computer models of 3D ventricular hemodynamics for simulations of pre/post mitral valve replacement using idealised device geometries. These models are based on CT and echo data and can simulate clinically relevant metrics such as the change in the pressure gradient and the blood residence time inside the ventricle, which reflect propensity to heart failure and thrombus formation respectively.