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Gianluca Lucchese MD PhD was appointed consultant cardiac and mitral surgeon at St Thomas’ Hospital in 2016. Before his recruitment to London, Gianluca had a comprehensive training in cardiac surgery in Italy and UK, including congenital cardiac, transplantation and mechanical circulatory support.

Over the last years he has focused on maximising his expertise on mitral and aortic valve repair surgery and complex aortic surgery with particular interest in the valve-sparing aortic root replacement. Also, he has pursued a specific interest in minimally invasive valvular surgery and trans-catheter valve implantation (such as TAVI), which have now become a consistent part of his surgical competences.

Research interests concentrate on the biochemical pathways of myocardial hypertrophy and myocardial protection, the hemodynamic properties of the aortic root (valve-sparing aortic root replacement, Ross operation) and the treatment of valvular heart disease with particular attention to the isolated tricuspid valve dysfunction.

Surgical interests

Minimally invasive valvular surgery

Reparative/reconstructive valvular surgery

Trans-catheter valvular implantation

Valve-sparing aortic root replacement surgery

Grown-up congenital heart disease (GUCH)

Research Interests

Myocardial Protection

Heart Remodelling

Ross Operation

Valvular heart disease

Isolated tricuspid valve dysfunction

STAT Proteins

Publications (related to valve disease)

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