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I completed my nurse training at Guys Hospital and subsequently worked in cardiology and cardiac surgery before joining Professor Chambers in The Valve Study Group as a research nurse in 2005.

From this group evolved the Valve Clinic in 2007 including the development of a Nurse Led Valve Clinic which is now a well established service at this Trust.

As well as seeing patients I am responsible for the day-to-day running and management of the Clinic which sees over 1400 patients a year.

I have participated in many academic, non commercial research studies at local and international level, many of them valve based, including publications specific to the Nurse Led Valve Clinic.

Completed projects:

                                                  SEAS Study

                                                   Mosaic Bioprosthetic Valve Study

                                                  Update review of MOSAIC implants at GSTT

                                                  Aortic Stenosis Study

                                                  SEARCH Study

                                                  THRIVE Study

                                                  REVEAL Study

                                                  Review of all Cryolife & OnX Valve implants at GSTT

                                                  Review of all SOLO/Freedom valve implants at GSTT.

                                                  Review of Trifecta Valve implants at GSTT

                                                  Infective Endocarditis & antibiotic therapy duration at GSTT

                                                  ExTAS AS Study at GSTT

Relevant published articles:

Chambers J, Lloyd G, Rimington H, Parkin D, Hayes A, Baldrock-Apps, Topham A. 1.Multidisciplinary valve clinics with devolved surveillance:a 2 year audit.  Br J Cardiol 2011;18:231-2

2.The case for a Specialist Multidisciplinary Valve Clinic    J Heart Valve Dis 2012;21:1-4

Parkin D, Chambers J. :Routine follow-up for patients with prosthetic valves: the value of a nurse-led clinic.      Br J Cardiol 2012;19:76-8

Parkin D, Chambers J. :What is the Value of a Nurse-Led Valve Clinic for Patients with Replacement Heart Valves?     Br J Cardn 2015;10:145-9