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A new specialised aortic service has been set up with multidisciplinary collaboration between surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, and geneticists and has links with an expanding specialist valve service which is increasingly involved with ground-breaking transcatheter and minimally invasive techniques.

There is increasing involvement with the community and with referring hospitals and engageent with governmental and national policy.

Professor John Chambers

Dr. Ronak Rajani

Dr Ronak Rajani

Professor Simon Redwood

Professor Bernard Prendergast DM, FRCP, FESC

Professor Steven Niederer

Professor Michael Marber

Gianluca Lucchese MD PhD

John Klein

Dr Yaso Emmanuel

Mr Chis Blauth

Paolo Bosco MD

Dr Tiffany Patterson

Gill Harminder

Dr Karine Grigoryan

Dr Heath Adams

Dr Harriet Hurrell

Dr Adelaide de Vecchi

Dr Ross Roberts-Thomson

Dr Haotian Gu

Dr Omar Chehab

Ms Kelly Victor MRes
Clinical Scientist in Cardiology

Dr Sahrai Saeed

Sam Hill

Sam Hill

Dario Freitas

Denise Parkin RGN

Elias Karabelas

Camelia Daniela Demetrescu

Julia Grapsa

Sheila Subbiah

Dr Giulia Benedetti

Karen Wilson

Brian Campbell